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Black Wagyu

Black wagyu are renowned worldwide for their exceptional meat quality.  This breed is where the internationally famous brand "Kobe Beef" comes from, when they are raised in Hyogo prefecture in Japan and are of high enough quality.  WagyuSale.com auctions feature the top bloodlines of black wagyu available worldwide outside of Japan.


Akaushi or "red wagyu" as they are sometimes called outside Japan, are actually a completely separate Japanese breed from "black wagyu" and originate from Kummamoto Island in Japan.  The Japanese breeders on Kummamoto Island who raise this amazing breed refer to them as "akaushi" which literally translated means "red bull" in Japanese.  WagyuSale.com features the finest akaushi genetics available in the world outside Japan.

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2017 Breeder's Kansas City Wagyu Sale Catalog (pdf)