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If you are a wagyu or akaushi breeder, aficionado or enthusiast, WagyuSale.com is the go to team for your next wagyu or akaushi sale event!  We specialize in organizing, promoting and handling the great sales of the wagyu and akaushi breeds.

Consignments from World's Elite Programs

WagyuSale.com auctions and events feature elite frozen and live consignments from the most influential programs in the world such as Heartbrand,  WagyuSekai, Crescent Harbor Ranch, Ultimate Kobe Beef et al!

Email all consignment pics and info to: office@wagyusale.com

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No need for any last minute drama while auction has already started;) Register to bid today for our next historic wagyu and akaushi sale.  Don't miss your chance to add the world's greatest wagyu and akaushi genetics to your herd!

Download 2017 breeder's kansas city wagyu sale catalog here

2017 Breeder's Kansas City Wagyu Sale Catalog (pdf)